Her situation inspired me more; The future of an entire Generation at Risk

  • March 18, 2017

Back in 2017 when I met Michelle Nzelamonyuy that evening in Kumbo during the burial program of her grand mom that was shot by unknown gun men , I saw how she was hungry to learn every using old notes given to them by their lecturer.

She was very ambitious and determined to learn while back at home since their secondary school recently suffered kidnapping of 50 students by…. safe access to school premises, libraries where Michelin usually attended become dangerous.

For the first week while in Kumbo, every evening, Michelin and I would spend about 2 hours discussing every topic on her notes in details especially in Biology, Chemistry as her dream was to become a medical doctor . We went over the whole subject unfortunately when ever I wanted to test her knowledge in the topics, I realize how shallow she understood them. She will forget most of what we talked about and only answer those she was able to cram.

I decided to use my smart phone and tablet for us to over each topic and I used interactive learning resources.

She had never seen or understood how a compound Microscope works but when we used “UD Virtual Compound Microscope”

available here  and others like ” The Human Heart and respiratory systems” she had a clearer …

When I gave her a test, her performance was 90% and she even starting explaining to me how when she will become a medical doctor, she will use it to study diseases and possibly be able to treat some diseases that in their family were considered a curse.

I later thought her how to use technologies like smart phone an internet to learn the same way.

I also thought her how to use phone without internet to do research about some words even though it was limited at that time

When I came back to Douala, I started putting down stuffs towards the idea of a mobile app for education.


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